The story was inspired by a prayer for direction and a dream. At the end of 2019 I was feeling stagnant, my job, finances, my marriage. I felt like everything had stalled and I had no idea what to do. So in my distress I started making decisions on my own. Then in early January 2020 my pastor preached a sermon on being ready to move only when God tells you so I left everything at the alter. I told God wherever you take me, I’m willing. I turned down a higher paying job that would have eventually taken me away from my family and in the predawn hours a week after that sermon I saw a heavily pregnant Alanna running for her life through a mist covered forest, I saw her clutching her swollen belly. I heard her thoughts and I wrote them down. I wrote everyday for 30 days. And when I asked God for the name of this place He said ELHAANAI (L-Han-eye) I googled it and found nothing so I broke it down. EL - God, HAANAI- nothing zip zero BUT HAÑAI was translated to adopted family in Hawaiian, so basically Gods adopted family! And if you read the story that really fits. Then later a Jewish friend told me EL HAANAH means God is gracious and that fits as well! I was blown away. Having others affirm that what God told you is true is really humbling.


Has my story always been received well? NO. I have been contacted by at least one person who said what I had written was shameful. That I was promoting witchcraft and leading others astray. I was upset and then calmed down enough to respond, I write allegorical fantasy. My message is one of Christianity, it is woven in the lines of my story and if you are open to the message you will see it. We are in a battle people, against forces we can not always see. In my books that force is dark magic going against followers of the light. So, yes it’s fantasy there is magic but there is so much faith as well. I hope you give it a chance. And if you do, please let me know your thoughts.