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A baby switched at birth. A false queen desperate to rule. A lust for power that could destroy the entire kingdom. A crown lost, A prince found, a journey to reclaim destiny.


Their mothers' died believing in it. Devona paid the price trying to stop it. Alric may lose his soul if he doesn't surrender to it. The Prophecy is not what they have been led to believe...Nothing is.


The conflict between light and darkness has waged since the dawn of time and still hundreds have answered the call for war. Battles lines have been drawn and the blood of the innocent will be avenged.

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Within these pages are poems that describe moments in my life, moments in your life and moments in the life of someone you know. Emotions ranging from death to life, pain to joy and a bit of everything in between.


His Mother died to give him life, his sister isn't his sister, his cousin is possessed and his aunt wants him dead.
The return of one thought lost and a misinterpreted prophecy leaves the group of would be hero's in confusion as they discover the truth and learn nothing is as it seems.

The stunning revelation leads to a battlefield where light will crash against the darkness, the dark lord wants absolutely power, but the blood of innocent demand revenge.