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His mother died for him, his sister isn’t his sister & his aunt wants him dead. Throw in a demon possessed cousin & you have one messed up family tree! At the root, a bitter battle between good & evil, which side will he choose?

2022 Young Adult Winner of the New York State Indie Author Project

The king is dead...Long live the Queen...

Betrayal always has a cost and blood doesn't make a family.

Had destiny not intervened Alric could've lived the entirety of his life isolated, not knowing who he really is. But when he discovers his true identity, so does his aunt. Afraid of his potential power she sends assassins to deal with the rising threat.

Now, the toughest choice lies in front of Alric – will he rise to claim what is his or hide for the rest of his life?

Tales of Elhaanai (Tales of Elhaanai Book 1)

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